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Materials Storage in qualified Foreign Trade Zones

Supply Chain Stability and Capacity

Verimetallum provides secure storage for Rare Earth Materials (and precious metals) to enable you to meet global and US-based demand—both steady state and surge. Storage in US chartered Foreign Trade Zones reduces transaction costs and creates competitive advantage.

Securitized Lending

Unlock stored value for OPEX/CAPEX

We use a portion of stored materials to provide financing for SME operations or capital expenditures. This reduces risk, opens doors to a multitude of finance partners, and enables steady, predictable growth.

Transparent, Secure Digital Trading

Provenance and supply chain information as competitive advantage

We use best in class Blockchain providers to ensure all stakeholders have visibility into provenance information required for ESG criteria. We help you create a "virtuous cycle," where your materials provide capital to improve operations which you demonstrate to increase market share.

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