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VeriMetallum Announces U.S. Based Reclamation Efforts

What is New: VeriMetallum is pleased to announce the launch of Critical Material reclamation through remediation efforts here in the United States.


Why It Matters: VeriMetallum is starting to source Critical Materials here in the United States — and we will do it while remediating legacy coal mines.


How we will do it: Cleaning up Coal Mines.

  • Through our subsidiary, VeriMetallum Rare Earth Reclamation (VRER), we will provide equipment finance and other technical support to remediation providers engaging in coal mine relocation on existing Federal Contracts. 

  • State and Federal law requires coal mines to remediate environmental impact caused by mining operations. 

  • We are partnering with providers who can provide that environmental restoration and recover Rare Earth materials as a byproduct of their cleanup.


What it means to our investors

VRER will allow VeriMetallum to realize operational cash flows months after launch, and improve Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) significantly. Additional information is in this white paper


Where can I learn more?

For more information contact us at

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