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Rare Earth Storage and Supply Chain Financing for Emerging Markets

Global demand for Rare Earth (RE) materials is skyrocketing. At VeriMetallum, we provide access to capital to Small/Medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking to improve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) capabilities in order to enter the US Market. Connect with us to learn more.

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What keeps us up at night

Global advances in technology—renewables, electric vehicles, digital communication, health care, space commerce and more—rely on rare materials which are difficult to find, and challenging to source in a sustainable manner. Large multinational firms have disproportionate power to drive prices and evade even basic ESG criteria needed to ensure we don't create further damage by mining these materials.  
We've explored this challenge and realized access to capital is one of the key constraints faced by smaller firms, particularly those trying to enter western markets. 
At VeriMetallum we want to help you use your materials strategically, using them for capital raises while retaining ownership until favorable market conditions exist.  We envision a "win-win" scenario, where producers can monetize otherwise fleeting feedstock supplies to fund CAPEX/OPEX, and retain ownership of that material until stable market conditions exist.

About Us

VeriMetallum seeks to expand access to US markets by enabling small and medium sized Rare Earths producers, refiners, and manufacturers who use these materials to enter the US market.  We provide access to capital through securitized financing, and ensure transparency in transactions using blockchain technology.  We minimize transaction costs via tokenized provenance data, as well as domiciling operations in US- chartered Foreign Trade Zones.  Connect with us to learn more.

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